Project Wonderful - A Postmortem

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Project Wonderful - A Postmortem

Postby PanoramicPanda » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:46 pm

So; recently I took the time to start up an ad campaign through Project Wonderful, taking out ads for Kri on numerous sites, mostly other webcomics. I apparently took out a little too much, because within just a little less than a week, the $100 I had set aside for advertising was gone. With the money run dry, I thought it would be neat to write up a postmortem about the campaign and how it has affected Kri's overall traffic.

Now, for those who don't know, Project Wonderful is an advertisement group where you can bid on ad slots on other websites. I decided that we were going to run some ads, threw $100 out of my pocket at Project Wonderful, quickly whipped up some ads, and started selecting sites to bid on.

Here are the ads I made, in case you didn't see any of them:
And my personal favorite,

So I started placing bids! I did a search for webcomics and online games, and placed bids on sites that I either knew of, or just looked like they got a lot of hits. The notable ones I bid on:
  • Questionable Content (2 ad spots)
  • Gunnerkrigg Court (2 ad spots)
  • Flaky Pastry
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
  • Between Failures
  • Aoi House
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Sluggy Freelance
  • Smack Jeeves
  • PokeFarm
  • Rocking Soccer

Well, actually, I messed up at first, and was only bidding a lot of money on a few sites. By the time I fixed it and got the above bids, I was already down to $91.98. Still, I got all the above bids ready, and I let them do their work, careful to increase my bid anytime I got outbid and was still willing to chuck money at that particular site.

The neat thing is, Project Wonderful gives a nice little view of all the ad slots along with the total page views, cost, etc etc. And I think I'll go ahead and share that with you all, sorted by Total Clicks, just so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about for the rest of the postmortem.

(You may have to right click and click "View Image" in order to see the full thing)

So the most traffic came from Gunnerkrigg Court, with a combined total of 137 clicks. But it cost us a total of $31.27, for just 6 days. Ouch. Questionable Content had a total of 98 clicks for $27.01. PokeFarm and Smack Jeeves seemed to do the best in terms of cost/click. And Manly Guys did decent job. The rest were okay, but Aoi House and Peaches and Cream really dropped the ball, despite how cheap they were.

Next, let's look at the effects on our traffic. So, here is a graph depicting a normal, no-ads running week. Particularly just the other week, December 7th - December 14th.


You see we have our peak on update day, Monday, with a whopping 42 sessions opened. Then we do a major dip and taper off throughout the week.

Now, let's look at this week, December 14th - December 21st, where we took out all these ads.


We peaked at 147 Sessions, on a Thursday! But that graph doesn't look very impressive does it? Let's add the 7th - 14th to the dates on there and then see.


Holy cow. See that tiny spike in the beginning? That's our 42 sessions on update day. That tiny little peak.

Wow, we got a lot of people checking us out. But did we get a lot of new readers? The page view totals for the ad week come in at 6,168. And at least 250 hits on the latest comics page. The Live Traffic page was constantly updating all week when I watched it, with people reading through the archive. But how many of them will stick around? We've only gained one new follower on the Facebook, and the Forums, so there is no real way to tell how many people stayed engaged. Except for tomorrow. Once #46 has run its course, I'll take a look at the analytics and post the results. Hopefully our "Monday Peak" is a bit higher. Only time will tell.

If it does well though, I think we'll have to look into taking out ads again at least on Gunnerkrigg Court, Questionable Content, PokeFarm, and Smack Jeeves.

Monday, After Ad Week, Update

Well, the results are in!


Looks like we did manage to grab some new readers who are sticking around. Of the 113 that were logged, 93 of the IPs were from returning visitors, a bit over double of our usual Monday numbers. Now, if only they'd follow us on the social media. :p
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