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FelixFelixBubble VincentVincentBubble

Felix Hunter

Age: 16
Birthday: July 1st, 2038 (Cancer)
Kri: Vincent, a Dorn-Barum Dragon
Felix is an average guy living in the inner city of New Columbus, OH. Friendly and flexible, he tends to take late-night Dungeons & Dragons sessions and Live Action Role-Play excursions with his friends a little more seriously than his studies. This level-headed teenager floats happily through life, and sticks to a creed of only worrying about his problems when he finally needs to.

Comics: 52
Recent Appearance: Kri - 0066
First Appearance: Kri - 0002


StellaStellaBubble MagmaleneMagmaleneBubble

Stella Serene

Age: 17
Birthday: December 14th, 2037 (Sagittarius)
Kri: Magmaelene, a Palan-Feri Weasel
Stella lives in the suburbs just on the outskirts of New Columbus, OH. Full of spunk and a constant source of motivation for her best friend Felix, she can often be found by his side both in and out of school. She is no stranger to fighting with LARP boffers and acting as Dungeon Master to her D&D group, though anyone beyond her clique would never be able to tell. Well groomed and somewhat reserved around strangers, Stella tends to express her passions and personality in the company of familiar faces.

Comics: 46
Recent Appearance: Kri - 0066
First Appearance: Kri - 0003


TinaTinaBubble FeliciaFeliciaBubble

Tina Williams

Age: 9
Birthday: February 20th, 2046 (Pisces)
Kri: Felicia, a Palan-Weln Python
Despite her situation, Tina lives cheerfully alongside Felix in Saving Grace Orphanage. Like a doting little sister, it is obvious that Tina loves Felix unconditionally, though she seems to harbor an untamable affection for everyone she cares about. She can usually be found in one of two places: In Felix’s room when he is home, and on her window seat reading when he is not.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Origins: Tina - 05
First Appearance: Kri - 0014


AnabellaAnaBubble LilithLilithBubble

Anabella Worth

Age: 17
Birthday: November 3rd, 2037 (Scorpio)
Kri: Lilith, a Necros-Eles-Feri Cheetah
Long-legged and elegant, Ana maintains her physical prowess by practicing ballet in her spare-time. Though she prides herself in her ability to dance and finds solace in exercise, Ana also enjoys relaxing in coffee houses, drawing much of her mood from her atmosphere. Generally friendly to all that she meets, Ana seems to be the picture of social poise. Though, oddly enough, there don’t seem to be many who know her on a significant level.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Kri - 0061
First Appearance: Kri - 0021


JenifferJenBubble MurielMurielBubble

Jeniffer Strong

Age: 16
Birthday: May 19th, 2039 (Taurus)
Kri: Muriel, a Palan-Grod Ibex
Fashionable and confident, Jen moves stalwartly through life with a smile on her face. She tends to be the voice of reason among her friends, but isn’t opposed to being occasionally spontaneous-- How do you think she got all of those piercings? A lover of obscure comics and cartoons, she seems to be the most pop-cultured teenager in all of New Columbus; a title she bears with pride!

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: Kri - 0065
First Appearance: Kri - 0025


CalvinCalvinBubble IvanIvanBubble

Calvin Jones

Age: 17
Birthday: August 30th, 2037 (Virgo)
Kri: Ivan, a Dorn-Druim Fox
Cal is a talented, musical virtuoso with an undoubtedly bright future in his craft. He is soft spoken and calm with a sharp sense of humor, though he mainly displays his comic brilliance through quiet sarcasm. Though Cal often reserves himself to the back seat of conversation, his words of wisdom never fall on deaf ears when he does decide to speak up. Obsessively tidy in his appearance, he often tucks in his shirts and flosses his teeth between classes, even though he gets lovingly teased for it by his friends.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: Kri - 0065
First Appearance: Kri - 0025



Finch Rimbauer

Age: 18
Birthday: December 31st, 2036 (Capricorn)
Kri: ???

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Kri - 0065
First Appearance: Kri - 0034