The Concept and Creation:

The concept of Kri was thought up by Uriah one day back in high school when trying to think of a personal comic he could write. Unfortunately, he had zero art skills. It was only after a few years at college that he met one of his best friends, Holly. Pitching the idea of a webcomic to her, she jumped on the chance. And here we are!

How Kri Work

This will be explained in the comic at some point – but for those curious minds who just need to know now, here is the basic idea behind how Kri work.

At birth each person is born with two souls. One soul will enter the body and become the main soul, while the other will “sleep” outside of the body until awoken. This “sleeping” soul is known as a Kri. A Kri exists with at most two elements and one alignment (see below). Each element possesses certain skills and powers and will also determine some of the Kri’s appearance. The rest of a Kri’s appearance is based on the personality of the main soul.  As an example, a laid-back, slow-going person may have a Kri in the form of a sloth, while a hyperactive person’s Kri may take the shape of a ferret. A Kri’s form can also be determined by a type of animal the main soul identifies with.  For instance, if the main soul took a liking to rabbits, and the Kri was a Feri (Fire) element, then the Kri would probably be a rabbit with fire type fur.

In short, a Kri is a second soul, an unseen essence, that everyone possesses but hardly anyone can see. Those that are awoken carry out deeds that the main soul provides, and have elements based on the main soul’s personality.


While it will be explained in the comic in due time, you may read over various other points of the site some odd words in regards to the type of Kri there are.

Palan (Light)
Dorn (Neutral)
Necros (Dark)

Feri (Fire)
Weln (Water)
Grod (Earth)
Wados (Wind)
Itsa (Ice)
Druim (Nature)
Eles (Lightning)


Alignment– A Kri will always have an Alignment. This Alignment
cannot mix with another Alignment, but may change. The Alignment is usually based upon the moral position of the main soul when the Kri awakens.

Element– A Kri will have at least one Element. Elements may mix with each other, but can not change, and are always attached to an Alignment.
(Ex. Palan-Wados, Necros-Itsa-Eles, Dorn-Feri-Druim)