Name: Uriah Brown
Occupation: Requirements Analyst at Nationwide Insurance
Kri: Dorn-Grod Panda, Gaius

Living in Columbus, Ohio, Uriah works for the Templars (Nationwide). A simple day-job, it helps fund the comic. Having majored in Information Systems Management, he has managed to make a few life-long friends in his 7 year schooling. Holly Brown, a woman of much talent and kindness, was one such friend. Approaching the matter cautiously, Uriah pitched the idea of Kri and Holly jumped on board right away. When not doing homework, Uriah prefers to play various video games, mostly World of Warcraft (For the Horde!), and cook homemade meals (to which Holly is constantly coming over and getting some). He also enjoys coding for fun, like some weird cyborg attached to the keyboard.


Name: Holly Brown
Occupation: A camp counselor when it’s summer, a student when it’s not.
Kri: A Palan-Druim fennec fox, named Athena.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Holly suddenly decided to go to college in southern Ohio. It is there she spends her time studying graphic design.  She harbors a healthy love for art, video games, and Spaghetti-O’s.  Seriously, she eats that stuff like it’s her job (Spoilers: it isn’t her job).  Holly has made lots of life-long friends in her 3 years at college, and feels obligated to point out that it was at said college where she met Uriah Brown, whose last name was suspiciously the same color as her own.  She would also like to mention that Uriah approached her with the idea of Kri: The Unseen Essence, and she happily agreed to draw the comics in exchange for delicious stove-cooked meals (as opposed to her permanent microwave methods).   Holly is pleased to announce that her contributions to “The Creators” page were added shortly after being coaxed out of her dorm with the promise of homemade toast and sausage.

She also has a personal deviantART at that anyone is welcome to spy on!